Books: On A Golden Chain by Ruth Benjamin

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6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 

Black & White on White paper
192 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1470072179 (CreateSpace-Assigned) 

ISBN-10: 1470072173 
BISAC: Fiction / Jewish

Life for the Wilson family living in a small English town was picture perfect. But when her young son receives a toy train as a gift, Dorothy reacts with strange agitation. Soon she is having recurrences of an inexplicable old nightmare involving a terrible train crash. Why does it all seem so real? And why is it always the same? Then the family is suddenly plunged into confusion by the sudden death of Dorothy’s mother who, with her last gasping breath , reveals that Dorothy is not really her child. Dorothy is stunned. Who is she? Who are her real parents? Are they still alive? How can she ever expect to find them? Unfortunately the only clue to her identity is a small Jewish star on a golden chain . . .and those awful nightmares. This book was first published by CIS in 1991, was translated into French and Spanish and reprinted in hard cover in 2001. As it is becoming difficult to obtain I have self published it.

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This book can be obtained from my daughter. Rivkah van Halem. New York





This book, first published in 1991 by CIS Publishers has been translated into French and Spanish and was printed again in 2001. This is therefore the fifth edition, published by the author (myself)with Completely Novel. It became, in the Jewish world, a best seller.

The book has been he inspiration for several school plays and has been read and reread over the years. It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain especially in paperback copy and it has never been published as an e book.

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