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Yesterday’s Child is the gripping and unusual tale of a courageous young man who, as a young boy, suffers the tragic loss of his mother. He then goes to live with his father and step mother in Cape Town.
When he reaches adulthood his seemingly brilliant and joyful future is suddenly shattered by startling revelations about his past.
He embarks on a voyage into the past, a voyage whose outcome will determine the very essence of his present and his future.
First published by CIS in 1992 and then reprinted in 2002, Yesterday’s child became a best seller in the Jewish world. It is now being republished by the author with CompletelyNovel. Create Space and Amazon Kindle (e book)

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6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 

Black & White on White paper
158 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1470072506 (CreateSpace-Assigned) 

ISBN-10: 1470072505 
BISAC: Fiction / Jewish

This book can be obtained from my daughter. Rivkah van Halem. New York


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Yesterday’s Child was first published in 1992 and reprinted in Hard Cover in 2002 by CIS Publishers. The book was listed for many years as a bestseller in the Jewish Community.

This was a book which had to be written, because it highlighted a problem and gave across an urgent message.
The book is still listed as a best seller but, even though thousands of copies were sold, it has become rare and extremely difficult to obtain. At the same time the message is still highly relevant and urgent.
I have therefore self – published the book again.
It is a book which cannot be allowed to go out of print.

Both paperback and e-book editions are available on and

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